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Cooperation with Customers is the most important business area of our company. We put an enormous emphasis upon it, cause it is due to that cooperation that we can constantly develop and optimize our range of products. ATRA’s biggest and most notorious customers in Poland include wholesalers, automobile stores and certified showrooms of various car brands.

For our loyal customers, we prepare special offers compliant with their expectations and market requirements. At the same time, long years of experience in the industry enable us to advise and implement even the most demanding and unconventional projects.

To observe the biggest standards of cooperation with customers, we provide them with the possibility to stay in touch with our sales representatives whenever they want and to have their orders fulfilled as soon as we can via courier companies.
Foreign customers are offered assistance in organization of import of their merchandises as well as preparation of required documents. As a regular exporter we know perfectly well the specificity of sales in various regions of Europe. At the same time, we are ready to cooperate with every foreign customer.

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We invite everybody, both individuals and corporations, to take an interest in the wide range of our products. We develop attractive, customized price offers for our loyal customers. Having logged in, you will be able to place orders directly on our website. We maintain adequate stocks to make it possible for your orders to be fulfilled within the shortest possible time.


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